* Town of Telluride Trails:
Stage one of Telluride's gondola, which goes from town to the summit station.
The Oak Street lift line
The town of Telluride.
The Coonskin lift line
The Plunge lift line
* Mountain Village:
* Gondola Parking (Lift # G2):
The gondola from Mountain Village to the parking area.
The Chondola, a high-speed quad and gondola hybrid.
The Sunshine Express
The Ute Park lift line
The Village lift line
The Palmyra lift line
The Apex Triple and the surrounding terrain.
* Prospect Area (Lift #12):
Pictures from the Gold Hill lift line.
Pictures from the Prospect Bowl lift line.
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Winter Pictures thanks to Brad C.
Summer Pictures thanks to Patrick from Austin
* Gold Hill Area (Lift #14):
The Prospect Bowl:
* The Plunge Area (Lift # 9):
* Oak Street Area (Lift # 8):
* Town of Telluride:
* Coonskin Area (Lift # 7):
Gondola Stage One Area (Lift # G1):
* Ute Park Area (Lift # 11):
* Village Area (Lift # 4):
* The Polar Queen (Formerly Palmyra) Area (Lift # 5):
The Apex Area (Lift # 6):
* Lynx Area (Lift # 13):
The Lynx lift line and various views.
* Sunshine Area (Lift # 10):
* Chondola Area (Lift #1):
Various views of the Prospect area
Expert bowl runs off of Prospect.
Various overviews of Gold Hill
Trails off of Gold Hill
Various expert mogul and crusing trails off of Plunge.
* Gondola Mountain Village (Lift # G1):
* Black Iron Bowl:
This area is located off of Lift 12 and is new for the 07-08 season.
Trails off of Village
Thrill Hill Lift 2
* Revelation Bowl:
The new Revelation lift by Leitner-Poma
An overview of the bowl
Looking at the
La Salle Mtns
Looking at Apex/