How a fixed-grip Riblet triple chair works.
The lift pictured below is located at Cuchara Valley Resort in
southern Colorado.  It was built back in 1984 when the resort
expanded to the neighboring ridge.  Cuchara is still currently closed,
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This lift was built by:
The lift's gear box.
Most Riblet chairs built in the 1980's
have controls similar to the ones pictured
above or below.
Looking up the lifts line.
The lower bull wheel and terminal.
A picture of the lift's motor room.
Some Riblet compression sheaves.
This panel identifies if the haul rope
derails and tells which tower the accident
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Follow the pictures vertically:
Every chairlift in Colorado is required to  
be inspected annually.  This state has
some of the most stringent inspection
standards in the US.
This is the main operator control panel
located in the lower lift shack.  It has the
general speed controls as well as motor
room indicators.
A Speed control panel found in the
motor room.
The lift's circuit detector, which identifies
systems not working correctly.
The lift's primary drive and auxiliary
Control circuits.