Colorado Ski Lift Manufacturers
Companies Still Producing Lifts:
2002 - Present
The Upper BC Mtn Lift at Beaver Creek
2000 - Present
The Imperial Express at Breckenridge
Made Lifts from: 1965 - 2002
Their main headquarter was in Golden,
Colorado until they merged with CTEC
in 2002.  Doppelmayr is credited for
installing the world's first high-speed
quad in Breckenridge, Colorado (1981).
Made Lifts from: 1978 - 2002
CTEC was a spin off comany of
Thiokel.  Their main headquarters
remains in Salt Lake City, UT.  Over the
years, CTEC installed about 20 lifts in
The Ute Park Lift at Telluride
The Indian Peak Lift at Eldora
Made Lifts from: ? - 2000
They are an Italian lift company that began to
install lifts in North American during the
mid-1990's.  Leitner's parent company, The
Seeber Group, purchased Poma in 2000.  Their
Colorado branch is now called Leitner-Poma.
The Resolution Lift at Copper
The Quick Draw Lift Sol Vista
The Dickey Lift at Wolf Creek
Borvig Made lifts from: 1962 - 1991
Borvig considered moving their lift plant to
Colorado in the late 1980's.  Their plans,
which included all new lifts at Geneva Basin
and Berthoud Pass, failed.  They later
resurfaced as Partek
The Teocalli Lift at Crested Butte
Riblet Made Lifts from: 1930's - 2003
Riblet was based out of Spokane, Washington and is usually
given credit for installing the world's first double chair in
Washington.  While many Riblets were built in Colorado, the
market for fixed-grip lifts has drastically declined.  In 2003,
the company decided to close.
The Norway Lift at A-Basin
Yan Made Lifts from: 1968 - 1994
Yan is usually noted for their advancements
in fixed-grip chairlifts.  During the 80's and
90's a couple design flaws led to some
tragic accidents.  They eventually went out
of business.  For more information, click
The River Run Gondola at Keystone
Von Roll Made Lifts from: 1983 - 1990
Von Roll only installed a hand full of lifts in
Colorado before Doppelmayr purchased
them.  Their most noted project in
Colorado was Keystone's gondola,
pictured above.
Heron Engineering
Chair 4 at Loveland
Heron Made Lifts from: 1930's - 1974
Heron was one of the leading  lift
companies in the early days of skiing.  
They installed Colorado's first double
chair at Berthoud Pass and the famed
single chair at Aspen Mountain.  
The West End Lift at Powderhorn
Heron-Poma Made Lifts from: 1971 - 1978
Heron - Poma was a variation of Bob Heron's
company, Heron Engineering.  Over the years,
he built well over 100 lifts and trams.  He later
worked for the Tramway Board in Colorado.
The Headwall Lift at Steamboat
Miner-Denver Made Lifts from: 1967 - 1970
This small lift company installed lifts at Eldora,
Steamboat, and possibly other areas in the
state.  Most of their lifts have since been
The Breezeway Lift at Monarch
Hall Made Lifts from: 1960 - 1982
PHB/Hall was another important early lift
company.  While most of their lifts can be
found back east, resorts like Monarch,
Eldora, and Heritage Square installed Halls.  
They were eventually bought by Von Roll.
The T-Bar at Squaw Pass
Roebling Made Lifts from: 1960 - 1965
Roebling was mostly noted for their
accomplishments in building bridges.  They
did, however build lifts.  Steamboat's original
Cristie lift was a Roebling double chair!
The Winston Chair at Taos
Stadeli Made Lifts from: 1961 - 1985
Ski Lifts International (SLI)
Additional Companies Not Listed Here:

1960 - 1970
The Shadow Mountain Lift at Aspen
SLI Made Lifts from: 1965 - 1973
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Made Lifts from: 1960 - 2000
Poma's  US office is located in Grand
Junction, Colorado.  Over the years, they
have installed all types of lifts at many
Colorado resorts.  In 2000, they were
acquired by Lietner's parent company.
Companies no longer in business, merged, or not
making lifts in Colorado...
Bell Engineering
The Sandia Peak Tramway