Keystone's Teller Lift Accident
The Teller Lift was installed in 1984, when Keystone expanded into the
North Peak.  In a multi-million dollar contract, Lift Engineering install ed a
143 six-passenger cabin high-speed gondola at the River Run Base.  
Along with the tram, two Yan 1000 model triple chairs were built in the
North Peak area.  The following year, a faulty weld on one of the lifts
failed causing the drive bullwheel to fall to the ground.  The end result was
fifty people thrown to the ground, which left two skiers dead.  Lawyer
settlements between Yan and injured skiers topped over seven million
A Denver Post picture of the lift after
the accident.
The momentary lack of tension in the
cable caused many chairs to either drop
from the cable or become badly
damaged as shown in this picture.
Inspectors for the Tramway Board
investigate possible reasons why the new
lift failed.
Here is a diagram illustrating the nature
of the accident.  (Click for a larger view)
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