Yan Ski Lifts
(Lift Engineering)
Over the past couple decades Yanek Kunczynski has left his mark on the
Colorado skiing industry.  His company, Lift Engineering or Yan Lifts, has
built well over 50 aerial trams in the state ranging from double chairs to
gondolas.  Many industry leaders felt Yanek's engineering set the standard
for lift innovation, but after a series of accidents in the 1980's, critics
became skeptical of his safety record.

Here is a collection of articles and pictures regarding Lift Engineering:

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2. The Teller Lift Accident at Keystone

3. Keystone's Prototype Yan Gondola

4. The Whistler Quicksilver Lift Accident from Market Place
The Lift Engineering logo
found on all of Yan's

Examples of Yan chairs in
Click here for a list of all Yan installs.

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