Alpine Lakes
Dates Operated: Never Operated
Area Stats: ~2 runs
Facilities: None built for the ski area but Alpine Lakes is a RV resort.
Lifts: 1 J-Bar
History: According the staff at Alpine Lakes, the ski area never opened
because of high insurance premiums.  This was because Alpine Lakes was
developed during the same year as the tragic Teller lift accident.  The area
has since been idle with the J-Bar fully intact!
Directions: From Divide take to the first fork in the road and go right.  
From there make a right on Omar Road and Alpine Lakes is at the end of
the road.
Please Note: This resort is closed in the winter!
Area Pictures: *
(Taken in 1999)
The base of the J-Bar
Notice the run on the right.
Looking up the J-Bar.
The J-Bar loading station.
The J-Bar bullwheel.
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The Colorado Ski Museum - Pat P.