Fun Valley Ski Area
Operation Dates: 1965 - 1970
Area Stats: Vertical Drop ~600 feet
Lifts: 1 Single Chair, 1 Rope Tow, 1 Platter (stats: Built by Poma
with a length of 1060', 230' vertical, and a capacity of 800 pph)
Fun Valley can be located off of Deer Creek Canyon Road near
Homewood Park.  The old single chair was originally from Arapahoe
Basin Ski Area in Summit County.  Fun Valley was mostly an
intermediate mountain located in the foothills of Jefferson County.  
The area offered night skiing, snowmaking, and a heated warming
hut.  The single chair was recently removed as described in the article
to the right.  The surface lift still remains today, but there are no
intentions of reopening the ski area.
Please Note: This area is on private property!
Area Pictures:
A run on the left side of the mountain. *
The base terminal of the single chair. #
Looking to the left of the area. *
Some single chairs from the lift. #
Some intermediate runs on the left side. #
The only remaining lift on the hill. #
Snowmaking lines at the area. #
The area's warming hut. #
Contact us with memories of Fun
"I skied Fun Valley in the Deer Creek
canyon area in the late '60's only
once... funky little area with marginal
A light tower at the area. #
Have you ever skied at Fun Valley?
If so,
contact us with your memories.

"I never skied here, but I did live just over the hill, and used to explore the area from the top
of that lift pictured when I was a kid.  I just can't believe that Fun Valley is on this site.  I even
remember when the Fun Valley sign was still at the beginning of Murphy Gulch Road, if it's still
even called that.  Thanks again for the memories."
- Brad F.

"I looked at Fun Valley, and if I remember right it was in Homewood Park an Nordic area
south of Tinytown, and is up Murphy's Gulch off of Deer Creek.  I lived in what you referred
to as the warming hut for over 18 months in the 1980's. It actually was the winch house for
the rope tow.  My mother had photos of it in the late 1930's in operation.  I also know Joe
(door ass) Dorris. The last person to control that property.  The lodge was unusable because
during construction the piping for the plumbing doubled as re-bar for the concrete floor. When
the lodge closed and the heat was off the pipe burst in the concrete becoming unrepairable.  
Had a pump house down valley from the lodge for snow making and some of the pipes laid
along the slope south  of the lodge.  Joe has probably sold for scrap.  Pump house was
destroyed by the same storm the created the tornadoes that hit downtown Denver in the early
1980's. Anyway know a lot about the area, even the Nordic Jump and! skating rink in
Homewood Park."
-James C.
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* Pictures thanks to Scott B.
# Pictures thanks to Jason S.
Map thanks to The Colorado Skier

The Colorado Ski Museum
The Colorado Skier Newsletters
The Denver Post
Looking at the base area. *
Looking up the center of the area. *