Cuchara Valley Update
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Plans for the Cuchara Valley Ski Area were announced today.  The ski
area plans to reopen next summer with a zip line and other features.  The
ski operation will be limited to the lower mountain pending on a US Forest
Service permit to reopen the upper trails and lifts on public land.  For
more information, click here:

The ski area sold to Mike Balloun from the previous ownership for about
3/4 of a million dollars.  There is no word on any plan for reopening the
ski area.

The current ski area owners are still trying to sell Cuchara to an unnamed
buyer.  Currently, the co-op is on hold pending the sale.  As more details
become available we will post them here.


Plans for the co-op and the independent buyer at Cuchara seem to have
halted.  We are working on a more comprehensive update to be released


The Cuchara Valley Ski Area is under contract with a new developer.  
More details will be released as they become available.  The projected
sale is expected to close in mid December.  Stay tuned for more....


Thanks to the Cuchara Co-op for meeting with us here at to detail their plans and visions for the ski area.  
Brad, TCS from the Ski Museum, and Cameron from were
able to discuss plans with Steve Perkins, Bob Reece, and others from the
Co-Op.  Things are looking great for the valley and we look forward to
working with them to bring back the ski area.


Cuchara Valley, once home to Colorado's southern most Front Range ski
area is looking to reopen.  Residents of the valley are exploring options to
make Cuchara the first non-profit co-op resort in the Rocky Mountains.  
This operation model allows ownership to be spread over many
individuals.  Vermont's Mad River Glen ski area operates in this fashion.  

To learn more about the efforts to reopen Cuchara, please visit the co-ops

Updates on the co-ops progress and route to reopening will be posted
Cuchara's Trail Maps:
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Pictured above: Brad, TCS, Steve and