The Chicago Lakes Trail
       The Chicago Lakes trail is a nice moderate trail within close
proximity to Denver.  The trail begins at Echo Lake on Squaw Pass.  The
beginning of the trail follows a downhill grade to a creek.  From there the
uphill begins.  The overall vertical drop of the trail is about 1000 vertical
feet, but is over 3.5 miles, so the average grade is not too steep.  Once
you pass the Idaho Springs reservoir, the trail becomes a high-alpine
single track that begins to traverse an old forest that burned about thirty
years ago.  From there, you crest above tree line to the Chicago Lakes.  
      From Denver take I-70 west to Evergreen Parkway.  Take CO74 to
Squaw Pass and turn right.  Take Squaw Pass for about 15 miles to Echo
Lake.  The parking area for the trail head is on the north end of the lake,
across from the lodge.

Trailhead Pictures:
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