The Maroon Bells
    One of the most scenic readily accessible hikes around Aspen is the
Maroon Bells hike.  The hike begins at Maroon Lake and ends at Crater
Lake, which ends up being about 3-4 miles round trip.   
    From Aspen, follow signs to Aspen Highland Ski Area.  Between the
hours of 8:30 am and 5 pm, the Forest Service requires visitors to ride a
shuttle bus to the base of Maroon Lake.  Parking is located at the Aspen
Highlands Ski Area parking structure and is free.  The shuttle bus costs
about $8 per person and includes a guided tour of the canyon.  Buses run
about every half of a hour.
    The Aspen Ski Area also offers a combo gondola ride & Maroon
Bells bus pass for a discount.  See the area for more details.

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