The Great Sand Dunes
     The Great Sand Dunes are located in the San Luis Valley of Colorado
just north of Alamosa.  Over geologic time, dust particles in the valley
were transported by wind to the dunes.  The Sangre de Cristo Mountains
then act as a barrier, blocking the sand particles and creating the dunes.  
     The Park Service has a visitors center with a history of the area and
park.  Gifts and supplies can be found nearby at the Oasis gas station and
restaurant.  The Park Service also offers a nice campground within
walking distance to the dunes.  
     When you arrive at the dunes, the first feature you'll see is a creek that
flows between the road and the sand.  During a hot summer day, the
creek offers a good opportunity to escape the heat.  
     There are no set hiking trails on the dunes.  When hiking be sure that
you have adequate water, sunglasses to protect your eyes from wind and
     To reach this national park from Denver take I-25 south to
Walsenburg.  Then take US 160 over La Veta Pass to CR 150 North.  
The park is located at the end of CR 150.
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