Keystone Resort
*Dercum Mountain:
The Summit Express and River Run Gondola-Removed in 2008
The Montezuma Express
Keystone from
The Saints John double, which was removed
in 2002.
Night skiing at Keystone.
A-51 / Packsaddle II
The Peru Express
* The Backside of Dercum Mountain:
The Dercum Mountain Terminal for the Outpost Gondola
The Ruby Express built by Leitner-Poma.
The Ranger Triple
The new Sunkid covered carpet
* The North Peak:
The Santiago Express Built by Doppelmayr
North Peak Overview
The Outpost Gondola North Peak Station
The Way Back Quad by Doppelmayr
* The Outback:
The Outback Express built by Doppelamyr.
The South and North Bowls
Various trails located in the Outback.
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Random skiing pictures.
The backside of North Peak
Breck looking from Keystone
The new River Run Gondola built by Doppelmayr in 2008 (& Summit Express)
The summit of Montezuma