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* Mother Lift Area:
* Aspen Lift Area:
* Beginner Lift and Lodge:
* Spruce Lift Area:
* Townsight Lift Area:
The Mother lift provides access to Pajarito's expert bump runs as well as intermediate groomed trails.
The Mother Lift built by Riblet
The Aspen lift provides mostly intermediate terrain to the lodge's right.
The Aspen Lift built by Garaventa CTEC
The beginner lift services the area's bunny slope.
The Beginner lift by CTEC
The Spruce lift provides access to intermediate trails to the left of the lodge.
The Spruce lift by Riblet
The Townsight lift is Pajarito's newest lift installed by Garaventa CTEC.  The chair
services both intermediate and expert trails but only operates on weekends.