Winter Park
* Mary Jane:
The Summit Express - Poma (Removed in 2005)
The Super Gauge Express - Leitner-Poma
The Iron Horse Lift - Heron-Poma
Pony Express
Galloping Goose Heron-Poma
Above: Challenger Heron-Poma
* Parsenn Bowl:
The Parsenn Bowl opened in 1992 when the lift was purchased from
Silver Creek Ski Area.  Before that, the Timberline lift was originally
installed at Stagecoach Ski Area.  The drive terminal came from
Sugarite Ski Area. (Removed in 2007)
The Sunnyside Lift - CTEC
* Winter Park Mountain:
The Sunspot Lodge
The High Lonesome Express - Poma
The Looking Glass Lift - Riblet
The Gemeni Express - Poma
The Endeavour Lift - Poma
The Eskimo Express - Poma
The Zephyr Express - Poma
The Prospector Express - Poma
The Discovery Lift - Yan/Heron-Poma
The Outrigger Lift - Yan
The Arrow Lift - Yan
The Olympia Express - Poma
* Pioneer Ridge/Vasquez Cirque:
Pioneer Express - Poma
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Various trails at Mary Jane
* Sunnyside Area:
The new Eagle Wind lift, which uses parts from the former Outrigger chairlift.
Snoasis Lodge
The new Panoramic Express that replaced Timberline in 2007
Various trails on Pioneer Ridge
MJ Overview
Base Area
MJ Trail
Sunspot tow
* Base Transport Lift:
Construction of the new base transport lift by Leitner-Poma
The Traverse to the Cirque.
Various views of the Cirque.