Dallas Divide
Operation Date: 1962 - 1976
Vertical Drop: 800ft, Summit 9,000, Base 8,200
Lifts: 1 t-bar
History: Please see the memory section for more information.
Location: On CO 162 west of Ridgeway
Pictures from the 1980's:
Pictures from 2004: #
This picture was taken in the late 1950s
by Paul Hauk during the area's operation.
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“Ski Dallas had 1 T-Bar with 3 different skier levels similar to today's slopes.  The average season
was from December through the first or second week of April depending on the snow but were
only open on weekends.  

All of the partners had other jobs along with running Ski Dallas.   The
Snowfall was a lot higher back then.  Some years we had to scoop out the snow from under the T-
Bars because there wasn't enough room between the snow and the bottom of the T-Bar.

We operated the area from the 1960's through 1968 or 1969 and then my parents and their
partners sold it to a California investor.  The area was operated under a manager for the next few
seasons through 1974 (or close to then).  We had ski patrol (one person on each operating day
normally), a ski school and rentals with a small concession stand.  

Local families who wanted to work could "comp" ski tickets by working two hours loading lifts,
running the lifts, selling tickets, running the concession stand, packing the hills or grooming hills in
the summer.  Every year we had "Dallas Daze" at the end of the season with everyone running
gates, tandem racing, costumes and generally just good fun.  A lot of the kids who skied at Ski
Dallas competed on the USSA team against Telluride (before Zoline-only a rope tow), Steamboat
Springs, Crested Butte and Aspen skiers.

It was a lot of work but a great experience for all of us.  We have a hard time driving by the area
now and see the trees growing up on the runs and the lodge becoming part of the new house that
was built in the old parking lot."

-Carla A.

“My high school friends and I learned to ski at Ski Dallas in 1964-'66.  I remember well the extra
layer of leather on the gloves to handle the rope tow.  Great fun.”
-Jim B.

"I enjoyed reading your history of Ski Dallas.  My father owned the area in the early 70's.  (Your
history notes him as a "California investor", which is true, we lived in California.)  He hired several
people to run the resort for him.  They were young skiers who had been attracted to Telluride.  I
recall one being named Ned, and it seems like I ran into him years later running a sporting goods
store in Telluride.  They even had night skiing when there was a full moon.  I skied there as a kid
but wasn't good enough to go to the top, where it was steepest."
- Chris M.
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